Shoe industry

For the manufacture of insole and insole insoles, the manufacture of internal parts of footwear, sewing of stocking stock in rubber shoes, as well as footwear of fishermen and hunters with high thermal insulation properties.

 The assortment of shoe nonwoven fabrics is very diverse.

Two-layered, as well as multi-layer non-woven fabrics for a stocking stocking in rubber footwear, for stocking shoe hunters shoes, fishermen for conditions of extremely low temperatures are in great demand.

The shoe material of the multilayer structure is made of fibers with high specific heat: polyester siliconized fiber, linen fiber, metallized film. Polyester siliconeized fibers of the new generation have a complex of high physical and mechanical properties.

Shoe cloths from these fibers retain the heat of the body, better resist compression, quickly restore the shape after removing deformation loads.

Shoes with a stocking from such a material with a metallized film creates the effect of a “thermos”, 1.5 times warmer than usual. Needle-piercing footwear non-woven fabrics with a soft structure are used as a stocking stocking in rubber and other footwear.

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