Floor coverings

Floor covering is one of the most popular among hotel and office owners. The floor covering can be artificial or natural, have a long or short pile. The colors of this coating can also be very different. In offices and various public institutions, flooring is often applied. It is usually cheaper than other coatings of this species.


The advantages of the material include:

– floor covering is ideal for public premises. This type of material is also called exhibition, because it is inexpensive and presentable. Felt covering will look good in the corridor of living quarters.

– Neat appearance. Look such coatings are aesthetically pleasing

– Elasticity. With the help of this coating, you can easily hide small defects in the floor.

– Easy to clean. This is the main advantage of such floor covering. You can wash it without any fear, and with the use of any household means. It does not absorb odors at all. Another advantage of this material is a low price.

– The material is a powerful heat insulator.

– The ability to reduce background noise in a public room, as the felt faintly reflects and misses the sound.

– This type of coating easily fits. Unlike woven materials, it is easily cut, and at the same time, from its edges do not fray the pile.

– Not afraid of moisture, temperature drops.

– Long service life (not less than 15 years).


Lay the floor covering usually in places with medium or low traffic. The cost of flooring is low, and therefore it is used everywhere. It do not stack only in shops, halls and on public staircases. This is due to the not very high wear resistance of this material. In addition to the hallway and kitchen, it is laid on porches and terraces. The material is not afraid of high humidity.

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