Furniture industry

Fillers for the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture as a bulk cushion layer:

 Mebelin – canvas is produced by the method of thermosetting. consists of natural and synthetic fibers

Surface density of the web from 500 to 1200 g / m2

Fillers for the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture are used as the first cushioning layer on a spring unit:

Felt is thermo-pressed – non-woven material, consists of natural and synthetic fibers. Thermowalk in the production of mattresses is used as a cushioning (protects the soft layer from wear) and the covering material (gives the mattress extra rigidity and elasticity).

Surface density from 400 to 700 g / m2

Filler for Biococos mattresses. Ecococos is an optimal combination of a spring block and several fillers of various types, designed for maximum comfort. Manufacturers deliberately refused to use well-known artificial fillers, replacing them with environmentally friendly components of natural origin.

These are such natural components as felt, coconut coir. Felts are made from a mixture of woolen and synthetic fibers. Natural wool, which has the ability to perfectly retain heat and absorb excess moisture, provides comfortable sleep for normal sleep.

Coconut coir extracted from coconut has a unique property to preserve its original shape and elasticity for many years. The coconut layer gives the mattress a special strength and the optimum degree of elasticity necessary for the prevention of major diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The surface density of the web is from 700 to 2700 g / m2

Natural fillers are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. They are hypoallergenic, durable, reliable and designed to provide a comfortable position and a healthy sleep for everyone.

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