The history of the establishment of the company goes back to the 18th century. The factory was founded in 1765 by SI Senkov.

After the revolution of 1917, spinning and weaving factory Senkova SI. was nationalized and transferred to state ownership, its management was entrusted to the created board and factory committee. The factory began to bear the name of the Paris Commune.

During its existence, new production buildings have been built, several stages of reconstruction passed, four generations of machines were replaced.

In 1985, a workshop for the production of non-woven materials was built. Then 3 articles were produced.  Currently, LLC “Enterprise nonwoven materials” is a large manufacturer of non-woven fabric in the Central region, working in this market for almost 30 years.

During this time, a serious experience of needle-punched fabric production on the basis of natural and synthetic fibers has been accumulated.

The uniqueness of our enterprise is that the enterprise has a complete technological chain for the preparation of flax, jute, coconut for production.

To date, the company has ten production lines that allow producing more than seven million linear meters of non-woven fabric for various industries.

The company has four production technologies for non-woven fabrics:

– production of bulk heaters, fillers by thermal bonding;

– manufacture of nonwovens by needle-piercing;

– production of non-woven materials by aerodynamic means;

– production of non-woven materials impregnated with latex.

One of the main tasks for the coming years is the further modernization of obsolete equipment, the production of new promising raw materials, the introduction of a new system for promoting products to the market.

The availability of modern technologies and highly qualified personnel allow solving the most complex technical problems and developing new directions of production.

Our main principle is quality products and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.