About us

Limited Liability Company “Nonwoven Fabrics Enterprise” is a large nonwoven fabric manufacturer in the Central region.

The company has accumulated serious experience in the production of needle-punched linen on the basis of linen and synthetic fibers.

The uniqueness of the enterprise is that the enterprise has a complete technological chain for preparing flax for production, since the market requires products of natural origin.

To date, the company has installed modern high-performance technological lines that allow producing more than four million linear meters of non-woven fabric for various industries.

Line for the production of bulk heaters.

Line for the production of thermal insulation sheet.

Line for the production of nonwovens for the automotive industry.

Line for the production of needle-punched fabrics.

Nonwovens produced by the company are used:

  • in the garment industry (as a heater for the manufacture of blankets, bedspreads, insulation of outer clothing);
  • in the fur industry (cushioning material for shaping);
  • in the footwear industry (for the manufacture of insole and insole insoles, the manufacture of internal parts of footwear, sewing of stocking stock in rubber shoes, as well as footwear of fishermen and hunters with high thermal insulation properties);
  • in the furniture industry (fillers for the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture as a bulk cushioning layer);
  • in the automotive industry (noise insulation);
  • in the construction of roads (reinforcement of the roadway);
  • when constructing wooden houses (as a cushioning material between crowns when assembling lumber and chopped houses).

The availability of modern technologies and highly qualified personnel allow solving the most complex technical problems and developing new directions of production.


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